Reasons to Visit

Top 13 Amazing Reasons You Should Travel to Myanmar

Nestled on the edge of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a very captivating, inviting, beautiful country full of rich and long tradition, vibrant culture, very delicious food, Asia's top beaches and gorgeous natural sights. Visitors from all walks of life can find top 13 reasons to visit and fall in love with Myanmar. Because, It is simple: It is very amazing and inviting country. 

1. Very friendly locals

No locals are friendlier than those dwelling in Myanmar. Whether visitors find themselves in Yangon’s city center or in the jungle on the way to Inle Lake from Kalaw, not a single local is unwelcoming of foreign visitors making their way through the country. When visitors look just the slightest bit lost, locals are known to come running in hope of offering a helping hand. Many locals will often approach visitors just in hope of practising their English. No scams, no tricks: just friendly Myanmarese looking to chat.

2. Very Beautiful White and Sandy beaches

The country of Myanmar may not necessarily be known for its stunning, white sand beaches, however, it surely has its fair share of stretches of sand that are worth a visit. Some of the top beaches visitors must try to go to during their time spent in Myanmar include Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, and Chaung Tha Beach

3. The ‘undiscovered’ vibe

A tourist hub Myanmar is not. While the capital, Yangon, has its fair share of expats, Western brands and five-star hotels, you don’t have to venture far to feel as if you’ve departed the beaten path. In Yangon, you can hop aboard the circular railway for an authentic view of local life, and all across the country, even the most visited places have minimal crowds if you travel in low season. When it comes to lesser-known areas, such as the Mergui Archipelago or Putao in the Himalayan foothills, you’ll truly feel like an explorer no matter when you travel.

4. Balloons over Bagan

A bit about Bagan: It is one of Myanmar’s most visited sites. It is incredibly scenic. It comprises more than 2,000 ancient stupas. It dates back to the 9th-century Pagan Kingdom. It is possible to float over these spires in a hot air balloon. Bagan is a must-see. Ballooning is the more unconventional way of taking it all in and one that may not be possible for much longer depending on local laws. If ballooning over Bagan is on your bucket list, we recommend not waiting too long.

5. Uncover the Secret of Chin State

Myanmar is a land of mystery and Chin State is the most mysterious region of all! This mountainous area draws adventurous backpackers from around the world who are keen to hike spectacular trails amidst pristine forest and cascading waterfalls. But aside from hiking, the major reason why Chin State draws visitors is due to the hill tribe who live here and have a strong tradition of facial tattooing. Now is the time to witness this ancient practice before it gets lost.

6. Delicious Food

Although not as well-known as Vietnamese or Thai food, Myanmar cuisine is surprisingly tasty. The dishes blend influences from India, China, and Thailand and vary from region to region. There are some items that are completely unique to Myanmar, such as mohinga (a fish-based soup with rice noodles and loads of garnishes) and le pet thoke (a salad of fermented tea leaves and fried beans). Be adventurous and try it all!

7. Scenic Natural Landscapes

Myanmar is a massive country with a relatively small population. There are miles upon miles of untouched landscapes — soaring mountains, pristine beaches and meandering waterways. Even in the big cities, like Mandalay, it is only a short distance from the busy downtown streets to the rice paddies and countryside. Try to make at least one road trip or go for a bike ride on your Myanmar holiday to appreciate these beautiful sceneries.

8. Marvel at the The Yangon's Iconic Shwedagon

Lying on a small hill in Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda is the biggest stupa in the country. It produces a golden light that can be viewed from almost anywhere in the city. The 110m-high stupa at Shwedagon Pagoda is covered with hundreds of gold plates while the top is encrusted with 4531 diamonds; the largest of which is 72 carat. The 2,500-year-old pagoda is absolutely one of Asia's most striking sights. Don't leave without also visiting the golden-walled corner that contains an enshrined piece of Buddha's hair.

9. Ultimate Irrawaddy River Cruising

The Irrawaddy is one of the world's most enigmatic rivers, and cruises use historic teak riverboats for added atmosphere. You can experience the legendary Irrawaddy river to enjoy beautiful sights and lush villages from 2 nights to 11 nights aboard the luxurious Sanctuary Ananda, The Strand, The Road to Mandalay, the majestic Anawrahta or the classic Pandaw fleets.

10. Watching the sunset over the world's oldest teak bridge

One of Burma's most-photographed sights is the teak bridge at Amarapura, built with over 1,000 posts. It can be visited with a guide from Mandalay. Local monks are often keen to practice their English as they cross.

11. Real Adventure

If you’re looking for some off the beaten path trekking, you won’t find a lusher landscape than that of Burma’s jungle-clad limestone peaks, punctuated with hidden monasteries and relics of a lost time. Most backpackers opt for a two day trek around the stilt villages of Inle Lake but for a real experience; head deep into the Shan highlands or South to Hp-Pan, where there are spectacular views to be soaked in. 

12. Stunning Inle Lake

Explore Inle Lake in eastern Shan State. The scenic shallow lake, which sits 900 metres above sea level, is famous for its overwater stilt houses and floating vegetable gardens skewered to the lake bed with bamboo poles. Fishermen are also known for their distinctive "leg-rowing" technique. 

13. Time is limited only

The reality is that Myanmar won’t be like this forever. In fact, it’s already changing. Those changes are signs of progress and are good for the Burmese people, but will inevitably alter the country and your travel experience. If you want to catch a glimpse into the past, book a ticket to Myanmar sooner than later.