Price Influences



Traveling alone? With your significant other? Your family? A large group of friends? This may affect the price more than you expect.

The size of your traveling party may have a hefty effect on the price of your safari or tour. Our packages typically indicate the 'per person sharing' starting price, which means the price per person based on two adults sharing a room - be it twin share or double share. Should you end up traveling alone, accommodations usually add a single supplement to the per person price to compensate for the absence of a second guest. This can range from 50% to 100%, depending on the property in question.

Unlike elsewhere in the world, triple share options for adults are very rarely available in South East Asia. Where they are available, they are typically limited to children under the age of 12. What constitutes 'child' or 'adult' prices is also determined by each individual property and can therefore also fluctuate considerably. Therefore, when indicating the number of children and adults, kindly include the age of your child so that we can determine whether or not they are eligible for discounts.

Although we are a independent tour company specializing in private tour for individuals (rather than a small group travel operator), we do love catering to groups with discerning tastes and who are after a quality luxury travel experience in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand (rather than budget travel). Depending on the size of your traveling party, however, you may be eligible for a group discount at certain properties. Additionally, certain properties also offer honeymoon couples reduced prices.


Seasonal rates are the single greatest contributing factor when it comes to the final price of your tour or honeymoon in South East Asia.

South East Asia generally and in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar particularly - like elsewhere in the world - the time of the year during which you elect to travel has a great impact on the price of your package. Low season rates can be wonderful to take advantage of if you are willing to compromise on the weather, while peak (or even 'super peak') rates can climb to more than double the low season average.

Our 'per person sharing' starting prices are indicative of low season rates, in other words the lowest possible rate available for the accommodations included. For example, if you choose to travel to Vietnam between May to late September, you can expect a major discounts applied for low season and pay more for high and peak season if travel during the high and peak periods from October to April.

If you are uncertain about the seasons - the best time to travel either for the experience that you are looking for or for the most competitive rates - do not hesitate to reach out to us.


While certain flight routes are monopolized by a handful of airlines, others are so popular that multiple options exist - greatly influencing the price.

The price factor that is absolutely the most difficult to have control over is flight pricing. These fluctuate so frequently and due to so many different elements, it is challenging to regularly ensure the best value when it comes to booking flights. The general rule of thumb is to plan your travels as far in advance as possible. The earlier we can book your flights, the better the price will be.

Certain flight routes are more popular than others, or have less frequent flights than others - for example, Hanoi to the Siem Reap, or flights between the Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. Once these flights fill up, the ticket prices become exorbitant. To ensure the utmost convenience and value for our guests, we often avoid some of these flight routes outright and rather split travel time for more rewarding experiences, better prices and less time in transit.

If you are booking your safari or tour 'last minute', you can expect that the flight prices will be the most significant factor in the steep escalation of the package price. If you do wish to travel 'last minute' and your budget is strained, be sure to enquire about our privately guided overland experiences. While the travel time is greater between destinations, you'll be able to put away more funds for activities and see a great deal more of the country.